So You Want to Play Golf Makes a Great Gift for the Golfer on Your List

Golf can be a challenging and intimidating game for a newcomer. How to Play Golf was published with the new or returning golfer in mind.

My co-author Kim Verrecchio and I published the book in May of this year as a way of bringing new players into the sport and encouraging people who might have played the game in the past to give it another try.

The book covers the basics of the game; the grip and the stance, as well as tips on hitting various types of shots. It also addresses other issues, including, but not limited to what goes on at a golf course, how to buy equipment, and how to take a lesson. We also included a historical section with some notes about some of the greatest players in history (10 PGA Tour players and 10 LPGA Tour players).

In short, it is a non-threatening introduction to this great game that we all love so much.

Kim has had a long career as a PGA of America professional and is committed to bringing new people into the game. The book is written in her voice and really conveys her passion for the game and her profession.

The book is available on line through, through CreateSpace at or digitally through Kindle. It lists for $15 in print (plus tax and shipping) and $4.99 on Kindle.nt to Play Golf, PGA We do however a discount available for golf professionals and apprentices that wish to order copies in bulk for their members/customers (minimum 10 copies).

So You Want to Play Golf makes a great holiday gift for the golfer on your list. We cordially invite you to check it out.




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