Dental Visit Brings All Smiles

By Rick Woelfel

It is highly unlikely that anyone would include. ‘Going to the dentist’ on their list of favorite things to do. The experience can be physically uncomfortable and emotionally unsettling, not to mention expensive.
I’m very fortunate however to be able work with the staff at All Smiles Family Dentistry outside of Lansdale. I’ve been their patient for more than two decades and would never think of making a change.
Dr. Caroline Hsu, Dr. Azure Pelberg, and the staff epitomize what health care should be, but too often is not in this day and age. They maintain an atmosphere that puts patients at ease, even someone such as myself, who for years contended for the title of World’s Most Anxious Dental Patient. But over a period that has spanned years, I’ve gotten to the point of being relaxed in the dentist’s chair. Dr. Hsu and Tammy I can’t thank you enough!!!
At the same time, the staff is committed to providing quality care. On occasion that means having to tell a patient something they may not want to hear. But no one could accuse the staff here of not having the patient’s best interests at heart.
I would heartily recommend All Smiles Family Dentistry to anyone looking for a dentist. Even if you have to drive a bit, it is well worth the trip.


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