First Ever International Women’s Golf Day at Hand

On Tuesday, June 7 golf facilities around the globe will celebrate the inaugural International Women’s Golf Day. The initiative is intended to draw women into the game in a welcoming, nurturing manner. The four-hour event will take place from 4-8 p.m. local time at each facility. The program features two hours of golf and two hours of socializing. From 4:00 to 6:00 pm the participant will have the option of two hours of lessons or playing nine holes. From 6:00-8:00 pm, attendees will spend time off the course socializing, networking, listening to speakers, and gathering information. Elisa Gaudet, the President of Executive Golf International, launched the event and is hoping other women will soon share her passion for golf. “We felt we could create a bridge and join women and girls together for a simple half day experience to explore the many options already available,” she said. “It felt like there was a lot of fragmentation in the messaging to women. The concept is to centralize and globalize the event so everyone is joining under the same premise to engage, empower and support women and girls playing golf and learning the skills that last a lifetime.” Gaudet says the event will provide aspiring female golfers with an abundance of resources under one roof. “There are so many great programs and organizations that can help further the game and we thought it would be great to have one big gathering that then disseminates all this information,” she said. “Most importantly there is a need for the industry to see women as economic influencers for themselves and their families. Home purchases, country club memberships and participation by children in any sport is a joint family decision and women have a great deal of say as to how the household budget and time is spent. Not surprisingly, Gaudet feels it’s important for the golf industry to bring more females into the game. “Everyone has a mom so that influence is very important for anyone wanting to play,” she said. The statistics on women entering the workplace, generating significant financial independence, and influencing all aspects of life is compelling data that cannot be ignored. Seeing women as economic influencers and exposing them to a positive experience around golf is very important, whether they choose to play once a week, or twice a year, or be more involved and supportive in their spouse and children playing the game. We would love to eradicate the phrase “Golf Widow.” Gaudet says it was important to make International Women’s Golf Day a truly global event. The list of participating facilities in the U.S. includes the Leadbetter Golf Academy at PGA National Resort & Spa (West Palm Beach, FL); St. John’s Golf Club (Elkton, FL); the Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Course (Palm Beach, FL); Anchorage Golf Course (Anchorage, AK); Rhodes Ranch Golf Club (Las Vegas, NV); the Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy (North Myrtle Beach, SC); Arrowhead Country Club (Glendale, AZ); Fox Meadow Country Club (Medina, OH); and PGA TOUR Superstore’s from coast to coast. She notes there will be a number of international participants as well. “We have had tremendous support,” she said, “and everyone working on this is pleasantly surprised how large and global this has become in a short amount of time. We must acknowledge the hundreds of locations that have signed up in over 14 countries. It is important to note the companies that came on and really engaged in this project including; PGA TOUR Superstore, Arcis management, ClubCorp, Golfsmith as well as Waterville in Ireland the first course in Europe to sign up as well Valderrama in Spain and Mission Hills in China. “We are looking forward to seeing what will happen with social media, knowing a women in China is participating as well as women in Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Australia the USA and Canada, all on the same day and having the same experience. It is the true power of community.” For more information about International Women’s Golf Day go to:


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