New Book Targets New Golfers

It’s no secret that golf is a challenging game. Getting started in the game is a challenge that can be especially daunting. But a new book will ease the anxieties many new golfers experience.

So You Want to Play Golf provides a low-key introduction to the game. The 48-page paperback title is a collaboration between longtime PGA of America golf professional Kim Verrecchio and veteran golf writer Rick Woelfel.

The book will soon be available through and should prove to be an invaluable resource for new golfers, regardless of their age or gender. It addresses every aspect of getting started in the game, from how to hold and swing a golf club, to how to find the right pair of golf shoes to what to expect when using a caddie for the first time.

Verrecchio, the Director of Instruction at The Loxahatchee Club in Jupiter Florida, has been a golf professional for 25 years. Prior to turning professional she played college golf at the University of North Carolina. Throughout her professional career, Verrecchio has been committed to bringing new golfers into the sport and reconnecting with those who may have tried the game but shied away from it for one reason or another.

“Golf can be overwhelming,” she said. “This book is a quick read to point you in the right direction, from what to wear to how to putt.”

Woelfel, a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, has covered the sport at the amateur and professional levels for more than three decades. A freelance writer based in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, he is a recreational golfer.

“This book is one that golfers will want to keep handy,” he says. “Kim explains things in such a way that that any golfer will feel comfortable, regardless of their experience level.”

The authors expect So You Want to Play Golf to be available shortly after Memorial Day. An official publication date will be announced at a later date.

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Rick Woelfel




One thought on “New Book Targets New Golfers

  1. Thank you so much for the book recommendation. So difficult to find good well researched books on golf these days. Always appreciated when someone recommends.


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