Ironman Fencing Event Underway

The Bucks County Academy of Fencing is hosting a marathon epeee event today at its headquarters in Lambertville, New Jersey. The field of 32 features fencers from four states; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Virgina and their day will be full.

Two rounds of pool competition will be followed by a repechage round that will reduce the field to eight competitors who will make up a direct-elimination bracket.

The first round of pool competition is complete. John Ridge of the host club and Aaron Blanchard from New Jersey each won all six of their bouts. Ridge ranked first on the basis of a touches scored/received ration of +18 (30-12) to Blanchard’s +12 (30-18)

Finn MIller, Daniel Robitzski, and Daniel Campbell won five bouts each (some pools featured seven fencers, some six).

A total of 20 competitors won three bouts or more.




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