BCAF Ironman Eliminations

Elimiantion bouts have begun in the Bucks CountY Academy of Fencing Ironman event, the Ironman Epee Open.

The bracket features 32 fencers with a consolation bracket.

Round of 32

1. Daniel Robitzski def. 32. Nickolas Constantino 15-3

17. Terry Su def. .16 David Robitzski 11-10

9. Avi (Chaim) Zeffirelli def. 24. Grant Eichenlaub 15-8;

25. Ryan Ent def. 8. James Armstrong 15-10

5. Aaron Blanchard de. 28. Robert O’Reilly 15-9

12. Michael Snyder de. 21. Kevin Baker 11-6

13. Andrew O’ Dowd def. 20. Nicole Quinlan 13-11

4. Finn Miller def. 29. Edwin Ploy 15-5

3. Daniel Campbell def. 30 Lucas Huizenga 15-4

14. Josh  Abdill def. 19 Kyle Lewis 15-14

11. Ethan Clark def. 22 James Flint 15-14

6. Patric Wallace def. 27. Erich Bussinger 15-7

7. Aim on Flaherty def. 26. Lucas Bowerman 15-2

23. Mark Ritchie def. 10. Nathan Siani 15-11

18. Joe Russell def. 15. Elisabeth Sibley 15-7.

2. John Ridge def. Joseph Komann 15-6

Round of 16

Robitski def. Su 13-7

Zeffirelli def. Ent 15-8

Blanchard def. Snyder 15-9

Miller def. O’Dowd 15-5

Campbell def. Abdill 15-13

Clark def. Wallace 15-12

Flaherty def. Ritchie 15-5

Ridge def. Russell 15-7




First Round Consolations

Robitski def. Constantino 15-10

Armstrong def. Eichenlaub 15-13

O’Reilly def. Baker 12-11

Quinlan def. Ploy 15-4

Lewis def. Huizenga 15-6

Flint def. Bussinger 15-8

Bowerman def. Siani 15-14

Kormann def. Sibley 15-8


Round of Eight

Robitzski def Zeff 15-10

Miller def. Blanchard 15-11

Campbell def. Clark 15-8

Flaherty def. Ridge 15-9


Second Round Consolations

Robitzski def. Wallace 15-14

Flint def. Quinlan 15-14

Lewis def. O’Dowd 15-14

Snyder def. Ritchie 15-10


Round of Four


Nicole Quinlan made the long trip from Williamsport to compete in the event. She was one of two women in the draw.She says the six-hour round trip was worth it for the experience she gained. Ironically, she wound up eliminating her travel partner from Sunday’s competition.

“The club I come from is relatively small,” she said, ” so I fence maybe there or four of the same guys over and over and over again. So traveling out to competitions  where I can fence 20 different people that I don’t get a chance to is a really good opportunity to learn and work on my skills.Plus, with all the guys here; I (regularly) fence a lot of women in competition. (The men) are a little harder a little taller with different moves.”

Quinlan started fencing 23 years ago at age 14, then gave up the sport after college to get her career started. She picked it up again eight years ago

“I know I can do this until I’m 80 or 90,” she said. Experience and wisdom can overpower youthful exuberance. You learn something against  every opponent.”


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